Attention: Mid-Life Women, Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Helping Professionals and Small Business Owners

“A Good Night’s Sleep =

Money, Time, Increased Productivity and Good Health!”

Dear Friend,

How can something like a good night’s sleep possibly have such a powerful and long-lasting effect on nearly every area of your life, including your health, your productivity and your relationships? And, if you are a mid-life woman, chances are you are seeing changes in these areas that are not entirely positive. But hold on, because I have some great news for you…

You are about to discover the most over-looked, under-utilized, yet amazingly powerful and effective way to boost your productivity by as much as 33 percent. And as a happy side effect, you’ll slow down your aging process, boost your immune system and get a head start on finally losing those extra pounds (or maintaining your healthy weight), and it’s something that no wonder drug, fancy diet or exercise plan can ever give you! And best of all, there are absolutely no side effects!

What is this secret?

The power of a good night’s sleep…
I’m Dr. Marcia Lindsey, a professional psychologist and behaviorial sleep medicine specialist and I’m about to reveal to you:

1. Why what you’ve been taught about sleep is not entirely true

2.Why light and dark regulate all your hormones, especially the ones that help you get to sleep and stay asleep;

3. How to properly shut down your brain tonight to ensure maximum productivity tomorrow;

4.What to do before bedtime to dramatically increase your chances for a great night’s sleep;

5.How good sleep and normal weight are related and how good sleep can help weight related disorders like diabetes and heart disease.

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