Come along with me as I seek solutions for midlifers, especially women, who need to revitalize, unwind, simplify and get some GREAT SLEEP.

I created this website and blog both to share information from research and my work with sleep clients as well as to improve my work by getting feedback from you about your sleep and fatigue problems and what has helped you overcome them. I will share the best of what research and practice have to offer, and I solicit your comments to blog posts, videos and audio podcasts.

I got inspired to do this work when I noticed that many, if not most of my clients who come for ordinary anxiety, depression and relationship problems also have sleep problems. Often, when we could fix or improve their sleep problems and lessen their fatigue, the other problems they were coming for, lessened or even disappeared.

All of this applies doubly to midlife, where pressures mount from caring for parents and adolescents (usually at the same time), job responsibilities increase and our hormones undergo the biggest change since adolescence. No wonder we’re tired and have sleep issues!

On the positive side, where I like to stay if possible, we’ve learned quite a bit about how to cope with modern-day stresses and getting to sleep. That’s what this site and blog and newsletter are all about – solutions that work. Join us.

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